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Friday, March 31, 2006

My Evidence

Many of us require 'evidence' before we are convinced. Two books that serve as the foundation of evidence for my position as a 'believer in Christ' are:
- Mere Christianity, CS Lewis
- Evidence that Demands a Verdict

There are others great ones (e.g. "Case for Christ"), but these two are my favorites.

Piled on top of that foundation are hundreds if not thousands of big and small events and coincidences (I prefer 'God-incidence') that further seal that faith.

Two more to add this week:

1) My small group is studying "Growing Strong in God's Family", a Navigator's study. I consider this study one of the most powerful studies I've ever done, what I learned in this study remains at the heart of my daily walk with Christ. I had not heard from the person who led me through that study in several years.

This week, while leading the small group through this study - and in turn revitalizing my own walk and my daily discipline - I get a card of encouragement from him. No doubt in my mind that was divine confirmation that I was on the right path.

2) I was listening to one of my favorite tapes (yes, my car has a tape player!) on the way home from basketball. I had listened to most of the 50-minute tape over a few days of intermittent driving, which included at one point having to press the PROG button to get to side B (better than 8-track, not as good as CD).

Somewhere on side A Mr. Hybels introduced a working definition of Love (see post below). I could not remember it but knew it was somewhere on side A. I pressed PROG expecting to have to fast forward or rewind until I found it. The first thing I heard when I pressed the button: "Seeking the well-being of others". It was like God was saying, "here, I'll get that for you". More divine confirmation..

3) I'll throw a bonus one in here (3 for the price of 2: your lucky day!). The morning is the best time for me to connect with my Lord. This week in spite of being up late several nights, I have awakened every day at 5am (4:59 today) WITHOUT ALARMS AND WIDE AWAKE!

Not only have I been able to do my quiet time, but also take a quick nap on my couch before my daughter comes down at 6am to get ready for school. That just does not happen - not in my life - without some other force. He is alive, and a great alarm clock!

I pray this at night: "Lord, wake me up early so that I can spend quiet time with you in the morning." Try it, you'll like it.


Blogger Lieutenant Dan said...

Good stuff. Thanks for the info - i will check-out these books.

4:47 PM  

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