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Friday, March 24, 2006


One of the things I gladly left behind when I joined Aldersgate was the guilt of my previous faith. I was raised with guilt: a stick, not a carrot.

People tell me that they 'feel guilty' at Aldersgate. It has nothing to do with the church you are at, or the people you are with.

It is all about strategic vision for your life. "First things first" is one of Covey's 7 habits, but to put first things first, you need to know what is first. To know what is first, you need to have a life strategy. Once you claim a goal, you become focused on that goal, and the prize associated with that goal. You may temporarily get knocked off course, but when the goal is worth it, you will get back on course.

The best part about being focused on the prize is that you stop feeling guilty about all the OTHER things the world throws at you, even things that seem good. Charity calling for money? You know you tithed at church and gave to others. Ministries at church asking you to do more? You know that you are spending time on the important things.

Get strategic. Find a goal, focus on the prize. The only guilt you should feel is when you purposely take your eyes off that prize.

The Prize I have chosen - Jesus Christ:
- promises me peace, strength, joy
- promises me new life here, and life eternal
- realizes that I'm not perfect, that I will stumble
- forgives me when I repent


Blogger The Spaniard said...

"Pray before you eat. Trust God's work in the human body (ie listen for signs of hunger, signs of being full). Eat slowly. Food is not bad, it is your attitude towards food that is bad. Turn to God - not food - when you are stressed, bored, need rewarded, etc."

Thats good solid advice !

10:27 AM  

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