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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wandering & the Power of God

Often when I'm reading my Bible my mind wanders off. I'm never sure if it is the Enemy distracting me, or God leading me somewhere.

Today while wandering - and still reading - my pen underlined Colossians 2:12:

...through your faith in the power of God...

I snapped back and realized I had wandered, then read what I underlined without even knowing it. That has been the theme of my quiet time this week: the power of God, and my faith in it.

While I can never give you an algorithm to prove the existence of God (we are called 'believers'), it is an overwhelming collection of these moments that has convinced me beyond any doubt of His existence. While these moments were sporadic before, since I've incorporated quiet time into my life - as often as possible - these moments come fast and furious.

As a human I can do nothing but underestimate God. I cannot comprehend His power. But I take it further. I underestimate Him even in places where I have evidence of His work.

Even when I recognize His work, or I can imagine His power, I do not live by faith in that power.

Those who know me know that I struggle with my weight. After a lifetime of chubby/obese, diet after diet, I prayed to God: "I can't do it, I'm going to rely on you." At the time several close to me thought I was quitting. Hardly, I was having faith in His power.

Two days later a Christian friend shared with me a Christian diet. Coincidence? God-incidence. I lost 50 pounds following that diet. It was simple and God-centered: Pray before you eat. Trust God's work in the human body (ie listen for signs of hunger, signs of being full). Eat slowly. Food is not bad, it is your attitude towards food that is bad. Turn to God - not food - when you are stressed, bored, need rewarded, etc.

I've seen His power, and I had faith in it. The results blew me away.

Since then I've gone back to running on my power. 40 of the 50 are back, and counting. Lately I feel like God is just pounding that message into my head: "Have faith in MY power". So that is what I shall do.. again..

I am so glad He expects me to slip and stumble... yet always welcomes me back!


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