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Thursday, April 20, 2006

A plan to set us free!

All right here’s the other one I found.

On the lighter side.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
As I was thinking how to free myself from myself to better serve the Lord. I thought maybe I could let myself go if I had someone to interpret (an interpreter) my excitement, my love of Jesus and His glorious love for me into standard, appropriate, proper reverent church speak. I too could be so transparent and open to share the Word in a meaningful way and not suffer from or worry about the giggles or "looks”.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
ME as a Pastor Mike type.------------------------- Interpreter as a Me type or is it you?-------------------
Friends!!! --------------------------------------------- those in attendance

I wish to tell you God’s story about me! --in the bulletin you will find an anonymous letter concerning a witness account
I love God! I love Jesus! I believe in the---I attend church regularly
Holy Spirit!

He uses me to do His work------------------------I volunteer if someone asks me

to bring His love to others!-----------------------I enjoy being in the choir

I love you!!!------------------------------------------I am popular here

And I have to share this glorious passion---I hand out pamphlets discreetly
for Christ.

To build you up and encourage you------------I lead a couple of classes
in His name.

It has to come out!!---------------------------------If you’ve got a minute will you read this? I don’t think it will offend anyone,
or make him or her feel nervous or uncomfortable.
I hope not.
Oh p-lease give it back, I’d like to check it again.----

I really think the diversion of an interpreter could set us free!
You get the idea. Please edit, add to, comment or suggest. I might send the results on to the drama team for consideration. Just have your attorney check and ok it first.
try again YBIC


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Hallelujah!! Yes ??

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